Dr. William J. Powers, D.O.


Powers Family Medicine was founded by Dr. William J. Powers, D.O.

Dr. Powers is a board certified, Michigan licensed physician with clinical family medicine experience. He provides exceptional primary and preventative care for patients of all ages. Dr. Powers has a special interest in LGBTQ/gender diverse care, gender affirming services, hormone therapy (HT/HRT), HIV care, and preventative health and education.

Dr. Powers is an advocate for local cat shelters. The Powers Family Medicine office currently hosts three Hypoallergenic therapy cats, Phoenix, Hyperion and Polaris. Phoenix, a Savannah cat, can be visited at the office on Mondays and Thursdays. Polaris, a Bengal cat, can be visited at the office on Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hyperion visits on Tuesday and most Fridays as well. They are all friendly, hypoallergenic (as exotic hybrids they lack the FelD1 gene which triggers the allergy!), and always excited to say hello to patients.

Our Office

Our office is a welcoming space different from what you’re likely used to at a doctors office. Enjoy playing arcade games or streaming your favorite show in the lobby. Have yourself a coffee or hot tea while you wait. Once in a room, enjoy a private streaming television with Hulu/Netflix/Crunchyroll/Prime Video/Live TV until your appointment time. Or, pet one of our hypoallergenic therapy cats and relax!